Our Story

20 years on the making

Bretzel Brand Lab is an audiovisual design studio passionate about brand, web, product and packaging design. Based in Ravensburg, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina, but bringing their creative energy to projects around the globe.
BTZ (short for Bretzel Brand Lab) was created by two friends, Fede and Luciana, who decided to join forces to pursue a long lasting-dream: combine their experience and provide comprehensive and compelling designs.

Fede is an audiovisual designer who was born in Buenos Aires with more than 20 years of experience. Over the course of his career, he worked with a wide range of brands and been involved in many different projects including graphics, public space, TV, film, digital, cultural, governmental, and many more. This has enabled him to develop expertise in a multitude of disciplines related to audiovisual communication. His versatility, holistic approach to design, and ability to adapt to diverse project requirements are his greatest strengths in this field.

Luciana is a former lawyer with experience in the cultural field, passionate about connecting with people. After spending many years in the entertainment industry, she found herself immersed in the world of great audiovisual designers, theatre directors and artists. From them, she learned that passion, discipline, charisma and creativity that are the essential elements for crafting captivating experiences. This journey has taught her to appreciate the power of making connections and providing creative solutions to her clients.

Beyond its 2 co-founders, Bretzel ́s team is formed by a specialist in German history with strong experience in Marketing ready to listen to our German clients stories and transform them into wonderful projects and, a developer and IT expert with extensive experience working globally with international companies.
With a multi-disciplinary approach, the studio brings brands to life by creating design systems and visual concepts to delight customers and create wonderful brand experiences.

Our name

Bretzel is more than a culinary delight. It ́s a symbol of celebration and community in Southern Germany, shared at local festivals and family gatherings, fostering connections among society.
We were captivated by the bretzel vibes and adopted its epic name and distinctive twist. Now, our mission is to craft twisted designs to create beloved brands and ignited fans. We want to create meaningful brand experiences and advocates who will support and spread the value of your brand.

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